Vision & Mission

Our company’s vision is to work in collaboration with others to bring about positive, practical results in the field of sustainable development.

Many countries lack the resources that are necessary to fulfill their sustainable development needs.

Likewise, many organizations with this focus require the guidance of experts to achieve their goals.

Our vision is to make a contribution to both, using our in-depth cross-cultural competence and the skills and resources developed over 35 years of working in Canada and internationally.

We will collaborate effectively in designing, developing, implementing and managing strategic opportunities that advance our company’s vision in the following fields:

  • Education and Training Sector
  • Capacity Building, Skills Development and Technical Advisory services
  • Private Sector and Small and Medium Enterprise development

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Our Services at a glance

Project Design, Implementation & Management

Education and Training Sector

    • Aligning educational and training programs to labour market dynamics
    • Adapting educational technologies to training and education environments
    • Designing and implementing student-centered teaching techniques and technologies
    • Gap analysis
    • Advising on Curriculum development
    • Designing and facilitating workshops and trainings.

Capacity Building, Skills Development and Technical Advisory services

  • Implementing government and donor-funded programs and projects
  • Gender analysis
  • Needs assessments
  • Gap analysis
  • Managing processes and people, programs and projects
  • Conducting knowledge transfer activities
  • Designing, developing and implementing projects in a collaborative manner

Private Sector Development and Small and Medium Enterprise Development

  • Business environment and policy reviews and analyses
  • Access to finance for SME’s
  • Technology-based supply chain development
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Organizational development
  • Strategic planning
  • Industry analysis
  • Financial analysis and credit risk assessments
  • Corporate and financial restructurings