Creston, BC


Creston BC is a fertile valley where many enterprising people thrive through farming.

In 2013 we worked with 4 agricultural businesses:

  • Kootenay Alpine Cheese
  • Webbers Mountainside Cherries
  • Tabletree Enterprises
  • Baillie Grohman Wineries

applying new technologies to their business needs. Digital technologies have many applications for agriculture. In particular, simple GIS tools can be used by farmers to expand and add to their knowledge about farming.

For example:

  • The farmer’s bottom line increases with the optimal use of fertilizers per area or section of the farm, rather than by applying and average rate of fertilizer to the entire farm.
  • With s GIS it is simple to visualize and organize different sections in the farm, according to their individually required soil amendment.
  • Farmers save cash with this information because they can know with precision how much and what type of fertilizer to buy.
Webbers Mountainside Cherries