Trail, BC

XL Quality Industrial Services Inc.


In Trail BC, we worked on a database development project for XL Quality Industrial Services Inc.

A relational database system allows businesses to organize data and to manage business information in a way that results in a very productive use of the time needed by owners-managers to run their business. Common databases include Access, Oracle and ArcSDE.

Results from this project include:

  • Cost savings for the company, because wage earners now use less of their time to search for information in historical paper work orders, mill certs and customers.
  • Higher business efficiencies due to:
    • management devoting less time to automatable work, because the database automates common tasks and searches and harvests information from other tables
    • management is increasingly able to spot trends and services that allow for well-informed decision making.
  • Added long-term value, because as the data stored builds up, its use by management and staff will also increase.